Shepherds who slay dragons (hiccupingwalrus) wrote in dressup_dollies,
Shepherds who slay dragons

You Can't Take It With You

"Mr. Sycamore, I'm afraid the powder chamber is a little bit to close to the balloon." This shows off nicely the twenty foot rule as it applies to stage make-up.

"Mr. DePinna, could you pull in your stomache. That's right." Weird angle that shows off the bald spot/yamaka (sp?) Better picture of Alicia as Essie Carmichael in her ballet tu-tu. Ben, Boris Kolenkov, fixes his ascot at far stage left. A normal day at the Sycamore house.

Posing with Ilona, The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina, after the show. (She's actually Ukrainian, not Russian, don't tell anyone.)

Me with Robbie and Mr. Loselle, wearing my firecraker making apron.

Robbie and Kat. Everyone loves Robbie.

Robbie likes me best.
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