Zombie Zetah (hellish) wrote in dressup_dollies,
Zombie Zetah

pirates. ^_^

my friend, jaci, had a pirate-themed b-day party in November. we went on a treasure hunt and it was really elaborate and fun. ^_^
so here's pictures of all the pirates there.

the crew

the crew from behind

captain jacquels herself. ^_^

first mate

jaci at school
this is jaci, when i went to high school with her. it was talk-like-a-pirate day. :)

this is me trying to be pirate-ish before school.
i went all out at the party, but i don't have pictures of me from then. (i'm the only photographer of the bunch) ;)
more pirates, but professionals. :)
pirates from the ren fest
i took this picture at the minnesota rennaisance festival this summer. a gang of pirates. ^_^

that's all for now. hope you like them!
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