Shepherds who slay dragons (hiccupingwalrus) wrote in dressup_dollies,
Shepherds who slay dragons

These are from Midsummer Night's Dream and Boar's Head (a Christmas festivial).

And you are to play the lion. Geoff and Nicole to stage left of me.

Prolouge to act two. That's Alicia behind me in her shiny fairy costume.

The ever climactic Pyramus and Thisbe, my big moment! Justin, Nicole, and Geoff you can see. And of course Brian, in his wedding dress. Adam plays Moonshine, holding a lantern and dressed as starlight (?)

After curtain call with Geoff. Jumped back into character for mommy to take a picture.

The best picture of that costume. I think I look scared. Taken just before I left home to join the other Lords-a-Leeping.

We had camera troubles during Wizard of Oz, but I'll put up You Can't Take It With You as soon as I can.
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I love the lion ones. Wow, you look really young (that is good)
mrao? i am confused. but i make costumes! sort of. btw if anyone needs vintage clothes, i'm your gal ^.^ i mostly use those for costumes. and egl is my life my love & my lady so-to-speak ^.^ and acting is fun, i wish i could do it but unless i write something down from hearing it about 2 times i can't memorize it and if i'm reading from something, i stutter -_- but yeah. fun stuff. i joined the community and look forward to posting some of the fun outfits i have tat i can't put on and yeah, i'm rambling, i'll shut up now -.-