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my new pixx

my EGA got the coat for 3 bucks XD
new haircut
my Millions Hide cosplay(a character from my book XD)
sewing. this would have been a better pic if the camera had stayed up straight.

again, my new outfit XD

that's all i got for right now ^.^
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March 4 2004, 18:06:16 UTC 12 years ago

cute outfits!

~Melissa M.
tankies ^.^
The first one makes me want to take you on a stroll in a park X3 I love your hats. Very nice outfits!
XD u can find some at flea markets and as for the coat, twas $3 (minus the $.50 that the safety pins were) at the salvation army. i'll try to get u some of the hats because they give me some cool stuff and discounts at our flea market for volunteering. last year i got candy for free and a mink for $20. and like 5 years ago we got a rabbit fur jacket XD people donate the coolest things

(oh wait you're not another animal rights person are you? i only bought them so the animals did not die in vain and they look cool anyway!!!)
You don't have to do that! My head is too big anyway XD
i <3 the shoes in the last two pictures! :D
technically those shoes r my mom's XD don't tell!!